If you’ve been charged with a crime in Texas, don’t just plead guilty without evaluating all your options to fight the case. The law provides that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s what we believe, and why we fight for our clients.

And the consequences of accepting a permanent criminal record are significant. Not to mention the risks of jail time, large fines, probation, and more. So, beyond your right to challenge the prosecution, it may be your need to. A conviction could lose you your job, and affect your future in countless ways.

So before you do something you might seriously regret, contact us via the form to the right or call us for a criminal case evaluation.

There are two situations where people find themselves if they’ve been arrested on criminal charges in Texas

1. I am not Guilty. I am wrongly accused, and I want to clear my name.
2. I made a mistake. How do I fix this and make it go away?

We help people in both situations. That’s what we do. We fight to protect you in a system that wants a conviction and case closed. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, we fight to get you the best possible outcome.

What can I, as a Criminal Defense Attorney do for you in Court?

Do you know that for a simple drug possession charge, even marijuana, you can be facing a 6 month license suspension for pleading guilty? For many people, six months without the ability to drive is an extremely harsh sentence. If you need to drive to get to your job, a license suspension could mean loss of your livelihood, your home, and more.
We will exhaustively analyze your case to look for ways to avoid this outcome.

In general, there are always facts and decisions to make in defending yourself that you simply wouldn’t consider if you didn’t have the advice of an experienced defense attorney. That’s why without an attorney, or even with an attorney who isn’t intimately familiar with fighting criminal offenses day in and day out, you might miss important information that can help your case, or impact your defense decisions.

Fighting criminal cases in court is what we do. We can challenge the prosecution on their evidence against you, by filing motions to suppress on grounds of illegal search, or any number of reasons.

We can challenge witnesses on the stand, as to the clarity of their recollections, alternate theories, and more. When cross examining police officers, we can examine and challenge their assumptions, and how carefully they followed required police procedures.

No one else is looking out for your interests in court. If the District Attorney makes you a plea offer, how can you know if you are getting a good deal? You really wouldn’t without someone there to help you assess the pros and cons of accepting any offer. Our defense attorneys know what is a fair deal, and what is possible in front of what judge. And we can push that limit to get you the best deal in any situation.

An experienced defense attorney will know what the prosecutor and judge is willing to agree to. We can also be creative in working out a deal for reduction of criminal charges in return for community service, alcohol or drug treatment programs, anger management, or whatever is appropriate.

But an important part of any negotiation is the other side knowing you might walk away from their offer. Our leverage is always that we will fight on and take a case to trial. The fact is, that most DA’s really just want a conviction and to clear their case load. So they would rather cut a deal that gives them less work, and a guaranteed “win”. So they will often take a deal that meets their minimum requirements.

Of course, as your defense attorneys, we only care about what is in your best interest. So if they aren’t offering an acceptable deal, we won’t hesitate to challenge the state every step of the way, by fighting every procedural motion, and taking your case in front of a jury.

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